Bringing Observo to the Community

February 19, 2020

I recently read an article from STAT news about the need for innovation in science education. The author laments at their own school experience, where they felt disconnected from the topic which they had previously been interested in.

Specifically, the author cites various common teaching implements used in science rooms around the world which hinder learning. According to the author, diagrams are the source of much of the problem. Diagrams can communicate important information, but they can often simplify the subject beyond usefulness or be so complex that they are rendered unintelligible.

I cannot help but feel that OBSERVO’s mission directly addresses the author’s concerns, as we seek to provide hands on science education that emphasizes deep comprehension of fundamental physical principles. By having students construct their own telescopes, they are compelled to investigate a wide breadth of skills including optics, astronomy, and engineering.

Hopefully, by implementing the OBSERVO program in our community, in some small but material way, we can prevent a repetition of the author’s story, and create a thriving group of local, knowledgeable astronomers. Furthermore, once the OBSERVO program has been completed, I do not believe that the passion for astronomy will wither in the community. Astronomy is a science that is easily shared, and telescopes can be passed between generations of enthusiasts. With that considered, there is cause for hope in science education, and OBSERVO will be a part of that.


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